New Places, Old Friends and Krispy Kremes

So, I'm in Melbourne!! It's cold, but no colder than home (I lost the assumption that Australia = hot + beaches + dessert outback just as I walked out of the airport doors) and mostly it's nice here. There is lots of pretty pretty sculptures everywhere, and the best bit is that all the fantastic art features are designed *into* the architecture, and not just tacked on like in Auckland.

Mm. And Melbourne is bigger. ALOT bigger. They have trams (!), and big fancy train systems, and their town is more than just a main road with a couple side streets, and they have SO MANY GINORMOUS (and pretty) BUILDINGS! The feel of the whole city is alot different, and I'm pretty down with that.

Also down with the cute Krispy Kreme stores, and eating Choc covered raspberry filled donuts on the way to the train station. And after dinner. And for breakfast this morning.

And today is a new day, where The Out-of-town Bride and Bridesmaid Number 3 and I shall be frolicing around the city in search of art supplies, bridal dresses and most probably, good times.