Culture Rating ++

Last night I went and saw Rabbit at the Silo Theatre (which was not actually *at* what used to be the Silo, and instead was shown at the Herald Theatre).

It was heartbreaking, and hilarious (not necessarily in that order), and was witty and just generally fantastic. It was strikingly honest about what girls gossip about, and explored the differences between men and women's perceptions of sexual conquests and the desire to gossip (or not gossip) about them. Claire Chitham played the lead, and was absolutely fantastic, as was Peter Elliot. Tom, played by Dean O'Gorman was gorgeously understated (mostly the gorgeous part) that it makes you wish he was more than just a character with the actors face. The supporting cast was absolutely hilarious; snarky, clever, with faults just like "real" people. Honestly, it was superbly done.

It was directed by Oliver Driver (who could almost be the bees knees as far as NZ theatre goes) who did a fantastic, fantastic job. Honestly, if your in Auckland go and see it. It runs up until the 17th of April. Go and see it!