Facebook & Colleagues != Straight Faces

It's a bit weird sitting at work and talking to one of the engineers. This particular engineer is about the same age as my dad, fairly arrogant, and may you suffer the wrath of his fury if you dare interrupt his playing of Railway Tycoon . . . Basically he's in a position of power, here at work, because currently he's the only one who can make things happen when you need them to, if you ask nice and bribe him with chocolate and coffee. He demands respect, and ego flattery.

But, I find it hard to look him in the face when I constantly get a whole bunch of facebook requests from him, with things like 'Do you find This Engineer sexy?', 'Hot or Not', 'What Karma Sutra Position Are You?', 'What is your kissing Style?'

. . .

Facebook is not always your friend.