Haters LOL

The internets is a strange place, full of people who like to share their hate and throw their weight around with 'ZOMG! DIE N00bs!' and 'lol you sux0rs' etc etc etc. Because thats so WITTY, and everyone WANTS to hear how much you hate them, or their song, or their amateur fan vid. Its IMPORTANT that you put people down, on the internet. That you tell them all about their flaws that are so glaringly obvious and painful. That you call them names. People NEED TO BE DISSED FOR TRYING. Right?

Its been pointed out several times, but as Jonathan Coulton has so eloquently said:

"Where's your thing that you made and put online for everyone to see, you chicken-shit cockhole?"

It takes COURAGE to share your little bit of something with a pack of ravenous wolves, not so cool that the effort and time and that *bravery* isn't even acknowledged. Instead "I hate you"'s prevent amateur's from evolving and producing better work.

Nice. Go team.

I say that you 'chicken-shit cockholes' get off your horse and have a go, or shut the fuck up.