Port Douglas and Tourists (Part Two)

So, still in Port Douglas, and it hasn't changed much. Its still hot, the air is like sludge. The only change has been that while there is still no one even remotely close to our age bracket, the pool bar guys have started offering up free and fantastic cocktails! What else can I say? There are quite alot of bugs here, specifically the biting ones. And jellyfish that can be 'outrageously painful' when stung. Except that they are tiny, and hang out in multitudes of millions. So no one swims at the beach here, not even as joke. They do however, swim out on the reef, which we did.

It was expensive but quite fun. Three dive spots, lots of coral and shiny fish (lots of mini Nemos swimming around). There was also a giant groper named 'axel' and a couple sharks at the last one. It was very touristy, but so much fun (minus the bright blue bare-all lycra suits).

We've also been up to Mossman Gorge, which was also gorgeous. We went down and hung out in the rapids for a bit. Was worried about the big sign which said 'people have DROWNED HERE'. Still, its mostly rainforest, and appropriately rained the whole time we were there. Except the rain was *welcome*. Its much more muggy and hot up there, rain cooled things down a little. We were going to go on a creek tour to see the crocodiles, but I didn't fancy sitting in the rain, nor being that close to crocodiles. I've seen them at the Zoo, and have no desire to see them in their natural habitat where they eat people.

We have been to a bunch of interesting and not interesting restaurants. Rented some fancy scooters for an afternoon with Sibling, and zoomed around town - THAT was fun. We had matching helmets for our shiny red scooters, and met a bunch of typical 'Aussie Blokes' who were trying to help out some 'Kiwi Shelias' - that cracked us up no end.

Still, we've pretty much done the tourist thing. I'm still so ready to be back home . . . ah well. I'm back in a couple days, not long now!