Port Douglas

is in a single word - HOT. Also quite humid. Its like breathing soup. Still, its gorgeous and tropical, even with their own rainforest. The Resort is very very swish (5 stars as the bar people were keen to tell us), we have our own private berth out onto the pool/lagoon and everything is very very comfortable. Unfortunately there is nothing to DO in Port Douglas, other than laze around the resort. Its a very very small beach town, and typically the resorts clientèle is mostly young families and honeymoon couples . . . .

Needless to say that Sibling and I very quickly befriended the pool bar guys (the pool bar is on a island in the middle of the lagoon - you have to swim over), being so far the only people we've met who aren't 20 years older OR younger than us.

Its quite a touristy place - so far we've been sucked in by one brochure (for the Cairns Wildlife Safari park. Its mostly a badly designed Zoo, that is very hot and whose animals can either be found at any local Zoo, or looked miserable. The most exciting attraction was their bear, who looked hot and uncomfortable). Tomorrow we shall set out for a day along the Great Barrier Reef. Hopefully this isn't another brochure suck in.

In truth, I'll be quite glad to come home. The lack of freedom is stifling, I miss my puppy (who I've been told is having a fabulous time without me) and I miss The Boy. And in this ridiculous soup its not easy being cheerful, so instead I shall go buy some icecream (every second store is an icecream store) and hopefully spend some money.

I promise that when I am home I shall never, ever complain about the cold, or the rain again.