Guest Posted!

Posted by May 19, 2009 nubbed 2 Comments

Just Miss is brilliant. I love her blog, where she’s always super (super) honest and generally cuts right to the chase. She blogs about Boobs, and her post about her poor hamster cracked me up no end (it shouldn’t have, really, but it did. That’s just how Just Miss rolls).

Her tweets are pretty brilliant too (You can find her as @JustOneMiss) though I don’t often get all the baseball references. I did discover a bunch of cool hash tag movements to follow though.

Anyway, she went on a blogging holiday and I wrote a guest post for her, when I was getting all proud about Rarg (in a delighted way, not a ‘this is my hood, bitch!’ way) about being a perfectly ordinary blogger. You can read it here, so give her (and me!) some love, okay? XD!


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